Practice activities and key reference material covers the core writing skills needed by adults in general & business contexts.

Level: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1)

Level 1 – An Introduction to General Writing
Level 2 – An Introduction to Business Writing

Key Features

  • Examples of good writing for a range of text types, with a focus on email.
  • Practice in a range of functions, e.g. asking for information, complaining.
  • Tips for improving writing.
  • Reference section covering layout, punctuation, style and register.
  • Teacher’s Guide includes teaching notes, ideas for optional activities, and photocopiable worksheets.

Series Components

Writing for the Real World Level 1 Level 2
Student Book 978-0-19-453814-5 978-0-19-453817-6
Teacher's Guide 978-0-19-453820-6 978-0-19-453821-3