Unusual, surprising, and engaging true stories with language levels tied to the Oxford Bookworms syllabus.

Totally True is a three-level series that builds vocabulary by teaching common words in the context of surprising, and entertaining stories that are all totally true! Each level offers thirty-nine stories carefully written using the core structures and the vocabulary from the Oxford Bookworms syllabus.

Key Features

  • True stories on a wide range of topics from around the world introduce students to new vocabulary.
  • Language levels are tied to the Oxford Bookworms syllabus.
  • Multiple exposure to the new vocabulary in activities, review units, and unit tests promotes successful learning.
  • “Learn word partnerships” sections introduce key collocations for one or two new words/new vocabulary items.
  • Personalization activities allow students to use the new vocabulary meaningfully.
  • A unit-by-unit glossary is provided at the back of the book so students can check the definitions of the new words.
  • NEW e-books with interactive features designed for language learning

Series Components

Totally True Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student Book 978-0-19-430203-6 978-0-19-430204-3 978-0-19-430205-0
Audio CD 978-0-19-430206-7 978-0-19-430207-4 978-0-19-430208-1