Focused Listening Tasks for Real-life Situations

This updated edition of Listen First features a fresh new design and new student audio, providing more opportunities for listening practice.

Listen First Updated Edition is a beginner level listening course that provides focused listening practice for students with little or no previous knowledge of English.

Level: Beginner (A1)

Key Features

  • Exposes students to simple, everyday language that has immediate, practical value outside of the classroom
  • Task-based exercises and illustrations help students build essential vocabulary to demonstrate comprehension
  • Short dialogues use natural speech patterns, requiring students to engage in selective listening and common clarification strategies
  • Student Audio CD attached to the back of the Student Book provides students with warm-up and review listening practice
  • Updated page design allows teachers and students to navigate the book more easily

Series Components

Listen First Updated Edition
Student Book with Student Audio CD 978-0-19-433982-7
Teacher's Book 978-0-19-433980-3
Class Audio CDs 978-0-19-433976-0