A five-level skills-based EAP course

Unlock is a five-level academic skills course that combines carefully scaffolded exercises, a comprehensive approach to critical thinking and motivating video.

The course offers targeted skills development for students in an academic context.

Its principled approach to critical thinking skills supports learners by giving them the tools they will need to analyse information, generate ideas, formulate their own opinions and express themselves effectively in speaking and writing tasks.

Unlock levels 1-4 contain Discovery Education video.

Key Features

  • Every unit of Unlock opens with a visually stunning and inspiring Discovery EducationTM video (supplied on the Teacher’s DVD that is packaged with the Teacher’s Book). These are used in every unit to introduce original angles on a range of academic topics. The videos promote discussion, motivate and engage learners, and help to ensure that you are working with materials which lead to real achievements in the classroom.
  • The critical thinking sections in Unlock are based on Benjamin Bloom’s classification of learning objectives (Bloom’s Taxonomy). These sections allow your learners to develop the lower and higher order thinking skills that are essential for success in an academic context.
  • Unlock has been developed using the Cambridge Learner Corpus, Cambridge Academic Corpus, and the English Vocabulary Profile. This guarantees that the language presented to your learners in Unlock is both up-to-date and relevant as it means our authors can see how English is used, identify common mistakes made by learners at a given level, and get additional information on the vocabulary that should be covered at each CEFR level.

Series Components

Unlock Basic Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Unlock Basic - Combined Skills
Student's Book 978-1-316-63645-9
Teacher’s Book with downloadable video 978-1-316-63648-0
Unlock Reading & Writing Skills
Student’s Book with Online Workbook 978-1-107-61399-7 978-1-107-61400-0 978-1-107-61526-7 978-1-107-61525-0
Teacher’s Book with DVD 978-1-107-61401-7 978-1-107-61403-1 978-1-107-61404-8 978-1-107-61409-3
Unlock Speaking & Listening Skills
Student’s Book with Online Workbook 978-1-107-67810-1 978-1-107-68232-0 978-1-107-68728-8 978-1-107-63461-9
Teacher’s Book with DVD 978-1-107-66211-7 978-1-107-64280-5 978-1-107-68154-5 978-1-107-65052-7