More critical thinking. More college skills. A fresh perspective on EAP.

Today’s students need to develop a range of academic skills. They need to learn how to analyze information, look at things in new ways, formulate their own opinions, and express themselves clearly. Prism takes a fresh approach to EAP, by focusing strongly on critical thinking, skills for academic life, and teaching the most useful language.

Key Features

  • Critical Thinking: Each book integrates the full pyramid of Bloom’s taxonomy, from remember to create, so students are prepared to do more.
  • On Campus: A dedicated section in each unit teaches important skills for being an engaged and successful university student, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • The Most Important Words: Each book’s target vocabulary focuses on the General Service List (GSL) and the Academic Word List (AWL), ensuring that students learn the most useful words.
  • Online Workbooks: Student’s learn more, and teachers can track their progress.
  • Video Program: An engaging start to each unit’s topic, these fascinating videos pique student interest and set them up to explore the topic further.

Series Components

Prism Intro Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Prism Reading & Writing Skills
Student’s Book with Online Workbook 978-1-316-62418-0 978-1-316-62427-2 978-1-316-62431-9 978-1-316-62445-6 978-1-316-62474-6
Teacher’s Manual 978-1-316-62497-5 978-1-316-62508-8 978-1-316-62513-2 978-1-316-62519-4 978-1-316-62544-6
Prism Listening & Speaking Skills
Student’s Book with Online Workbook 978-1-316-62088-5 978-1-316-62094-6 978-1-316-62097-7 978-1-316-62099-1 978-1-316-62101-1
Teacher’s Manual 978-1-316-62505-7 978-1-316-62511-8 978-1-316-62516-3 978-1-316-62540-8 978-1-316-62546-0