Pathways is National Geographic Learning’s new academic series that helps learners develop the language skills they need to achieve academic success. The series features reading & writing and listening & speaking strands, and develops learners’ academic literacy skills through National Geographic content, images, and video. This innovative series provides learners with a pathway to success!

Key Features

  • National Geographic articles, video, maps, and graphs engage students with academic content in a variety of genres and formats
  • Clear connections between reading and writing skills help students become more effective readers and writers
  • Academic reading skills and strategies, embedded in the unit tasks, prepare students to comprehend a variety of realistic academic texts
  • Step-by-step writing instruction, with integrated grammar and vocabulary, provides practice of a variety of rhetorical forms modeled on the academic classroom
  • Integrated critical thinking tasks develop learners’ ability to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information from a wide range of sources.

Series Components

Pathways Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student Book with Online Workbook 9781133942139 9781133942160 9781133942177 9781133942184
Student Book 9781133312864 9781133312871 9781133317098 9781133317067
Online Workbook 9781133511717 9781133511687 9781133511694 9781133511700
Teacher's Guide 9781133317340 9781133317074 9781133317395 9781133317418
Audio CD 9781133317203 9781133317289 9781133317357 9781133317401
DVD 9781133317159 9781133317180 9781133317371 9781133317449
Presentation Tool CD-ROM 9781133317197 9781133317272 9781133317364 9781133317425
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® 9781133317142 9781133317265 9781133317388 9781133317432