The new, third edition of Active Skills for Reading maintains the Active approach, developed by reading specialist Professor Neil J. Anderson, defined on this page. The following enhancements to this new edition encourage learners to become more confident, independent, and active readers:

Key Features

  • New Motivational Tips! Each chapter contains a motivational tip box with Neil Anderson’s advice on increasing student motivation
  • New reading passages cover contemporary topics and a variety of text types, including articles, journals, blogs, and interviews
  • In the later levels of this new edition, readings are based on authentic content from National Geographic
  • Full color-design presents the series’ content in an attractive and accessible format u New Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® Pro reflects the needs of learners preparing for standardized tests.

Series Components

Active Skills for Reading (Third Edition) Intro Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student book 9781133308126 9781133307990 9781133308034 9781133308065 9781133308096
Student Text with Audio CD Pkg 9781133907473 97811333074480 9781133907497 9781133907503 9781133907510
Classroom Audio CD 9781133308140 9781133308010 9781133308058 9781133308089 9781133308119
Instructor's Guide 9781133308133 9781133308003 9781133308041 9781133308072 9781133308102