Level(s): A1 – B1+/B2

Linking your world together

Every level develops your students’ communication competences and provides integrated support for Cambridge exams. With its well-rounded approach, Link It! creates confident communicators ready to achieve success.

Link It! is a six-level course connecting students with the grammar, vocabulary, language, and skills they need to communicate with confidence and succeed in English.

Key Features

  • Dedicated ‘Let’s Talk About…’ lessons build communication competences and teach students to communicate in English with confidence.
  • The assessment package prepares students for a successful future with integrated exam support.
  • Global skills activities encourage critical thinking and prepare students for the real world.
  • Inclusive resources cater for all learning styles and help every student succeed. Includes specially adapted tests, mind maps and worksheets for students with dyslexia.
  • A variety of videos model real English in use. Let’s talk about… videos demonstrate functional language, Culture videos widen students’ perspectives, and Vlogs and Video Link sections feature teenagers in relatable scenarios.
  • The Classroom Presentation Tool allows teachers to easily run more engaging, interactive lessons.

Series Components

Link It! Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Student Pack 9780194824484 9780194824521 9780194824569 9780194824606 9780194824644 9780194824668
Student Pack A 9780194824491 9780194824538 9780194824576 9780194824613
Student Pack B 9780194824507 9780194824545 9780194824583 9780194824620
Teacher's Pack 9780194824514 9780194824552 9780194824590 9780194824637 9780194824651 9780194824675
Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194824040 9780194824149 9780194824231 9780194824323 9780194824392 9780194824453