Level(s): A1 – B1 (Starter to Level 4)

Join the Journey

Discover the new world of Project Explore with colourful characters and exciting stories.

Every lesson is underpinned by the familiar Project methodology and its tried and tested approach to grammar and vocabulary. With Project Explore your students will become confident communicators ready for the world beyond the classroom.

Project Explore is a five-level course which combines the tried and trusted Project methodology and structure with 100% brand-new content from a new author team. Take a look inside and you’ll find clearly structured, vibrant lessons with exciting new characters and stories!

Key Features

  • Prepare students to use English in the real world with a range of topics, texts and tasks.
  • Meet the needs of every student with material which works in mixed ability classrooms and supports every student.
  • Spark curiosity with projects, culture lessons, photostories and cartoons.
  • Develop life skills with activities that encourage creativity, collaboration and communication.
  • Support and challenge your students appropriately at every stage of their learning journey.

Series Components

Project Explore Starter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student Book 9780194255691 9780194255707 9780194255714 9780194255721 9780194255738
Student Book e-Book 9780194255783 9780194255790 9780194255806 9780194255813 9780194255820
Workbook with Online Practice 9780194256223 9780194256261 9780194256292 9780194256322 9780194256353
Student Book Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194212311 9780194212328 9780194212335 9780194212342 9780194212359
Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194212434 9780194212458 9780194212472 9780194212496 9780194212533
Teacher's Pack 9780194255998 9780194256056 9780194256904 9780194256131 9780194256179
Class Audio CDs 9780194255592 9780194255608 9780194255615 9780194255622 9780194255639