Key Features

Interactive is an exciting course for teenagers packed from cover to cover with stimulating content. Students are given maximum support to get them speaking and interacting in real, contemporary English from day one. Teachers can tailor the course to their own requirements using the wide range of materials such as DVDs, Presentation Plus, Testmaker and other online extras, to make classes get really ‘interactive’. The course is correlated to Cambridge English exam task types and topics to help prepare students for future exams.

Inspire confident communication

  • ‘Interaction’ sections prepare students for using English in real-life situations.
  • Fold-out classroom language keeps useful phrases for speaking activities to hand.
  • ‘Correct it!’ sections and ‘Check it out!’ boxes expose students to real international English from the Cambridge English Corpus, drawing attention to language areas that can cause difficulty.

Think about world culture

  • ‘Culture UK’ noticeboards and ‘Culture World’ magazine articles practise skills using authentic reading and listening material.
  • ‘Culture Vulture’ boxes provide insights into real life in English-speaking countries to stimulate discussion about cultural differences.
  • Related activities and projects give students the opportunity to explore topics in more depth.

Web Zone

  • A unique ‘Comic Builder’ allows students to create their own graphic novels.
  • Downloadable printouts, wordlists, Workbook Audio and DVD clips.
  • Arcade-style grammar and vocabulary games for each level.
  • Skills, vocabulary and grammar exercises for each unit which track students’ progress.

Presentation Plus

  • Provides the complete Student’s Book content with built-in annotation tools and embedded audio in an easy-to-operate format for interactive whiteboards or computers and projectors.

Series Components

Interactive Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student’s Book with Web Zone access 978-0-521-71208-8 978-0-521-71212-5 978-0-521-71219-4 978-0-521-71224-8
Workbook with Downloadable Audio 978-0-521-71209-5 978-0-521-71215-6 978-0-521-71220-0 978-0-521-71225-5
Teacher’s Book with Web Zone access 978-0-521-71210-1 978-0-521-71216-3 978-0-521-71221-7 978-0-521-71226-2
Teacher’s Resource Pack 978-0-521-71211-8 978-0-521-71217-0 978-0-521-71222-4 978-0-521-71227-9
Audio CDs (3) 978-0-521-71214-9 978-0-521-71218-7 978-0-521-71223-1 978-0-521-71228-6
Testmaker CD-ROM and Audio CD 978-1-107-40213-3 978-1-107-40214-0 978-0-521-27963-5 978-0-521-27964-2
Presentation Plus DVD-ROM 978-1-107-40211-9 978-1-107-40212-6 978-0-521-27961-1 978-0-521-27962-8