Key Features

More! is bursting with features to capture young learners’ imaginations. This updated edition of More! continues to encourage reading for pleasure with new engaging texts and a fun, original detective story in levels 1 and 2. Culture sections with mini-projects and a strong integration of CLIL in each lesson inspire learners’ natural curiosity.

  • Photostories, skills pages and reading texts throughout.
  • More communication and skills practice to boost students’ fluency and confidence to speak.
  • ‘Learning to learn’ and ‘Exam practice’ sections in the Workbook to boost learners’ autonomy and exams results.
  • ‘Extra Reading’ sections progress across the levels taking learners from light stories to literature.

Cyber Homework

  • Cyber Homework allows students to complete and submit their homework online with a range of Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary exercises as well as games and quizzes for extra practice.
  • Instant marking makes it easy for teachers to assess progress and give feedback and the built-in messaging services allows students and students to communicate online.

Presentation Plus

  • The complete Student’s Book with full course audio and built-in interactive whiteboard tools – ideal for use with interactive whiteboards or computers and projectors.

Series Components

More! Second edition Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student's Book with Cyber Homework and Online Resources 978-1-107-65645-1 978-1-107-69478-1 978-1-107-63737-5 978-1-107-64051-1
Workbook 978-1-107-68135-4 978-1-107-68424-9 978-1-107-66506-4 978-1-107-65294-1
Teacher's Book 978-1-107-68969-5 978-1-107-68838-4 978-1-107-68128-6 978-1-107-68299-3
Audio CDs (3) 978-1-107-69155-1 978-1-107-64987-3 978-1-107-66354-1 978-1-107-66982-6
Testbuilder CD-ROM/Audio CD 978-1-107-65274-3 978-1-107-67962-7 978-1-107-66335-0 978-1-107-64331-4
DVD 978-1-107-67127-0 978-1-107-67618-3 978-1-107-68194-1 978-1-107-66627-6
Presentation Plus DVD-ROM 978-1-107-65205-7 978-1-107-69928-1 978-1-107-65695-6 978-1-107-65402-0