Get thinking … Get talking … Get Ahead

Activate your English with Get Ahead. This 3-level course combines a focus on grammar and vocabulary with a structured approach to learning functional language for successful communication.

Get Ahead is a brand new 3-level secondary course that focuses on developing all 4 language skills.

Its communicative approach to language learning will get your students talking. Students are first provided with vocabulary and grammar input, and then they have the opportunity to activate this learning through communicative activities.

The carefully chosen Asia-specific content will get your students thinking. Topics in Get Ahead relate directly to your students’ lives and students will also become aware of other cultures and learn about global issues.

Get Ahead is a flexible resource that will adapt to the specific needs of your class. With a creative Teacher’s Guide, and a Teacher’s Resource Disc packed full of worksheets, customizable tests, audio scripts and wordlists, Get Ahead will help every student to communicate successfully.

Key Features

  • Asia-specific content relates closely to students’ world
  • A communicative approach to grammar and vocabulary learning
  • ‘Try it Out’ activity on every page gets students talking in every lesson
  • Bite-size and manageable texts build up language confidence
  • Structured and easy-to-follow units
  • Topics focus on global values and social responsibility rather than popular culture
  • The communicative activities encourage group and pair work
  • The wealth of extra material provides flexibility for different teaching contexts

Series Components

Get Ahead Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student's Book 978-0-19-413102-5 978-0-19-413107-0 978-0-19-413112-4
Workbook 978-0-19-413103-2 978-0-19-413108-7 978-0-19-413113-1
Teacher's Resource Pack 978-0-19-413117-9 978-0-19-413118-6 978-0-19-413119-3
Teacher's Guide 978-0-19-413105-6 978-0-19-413110-0 978-0-19-413115-5
Class Audio CD 978-0-19-413120-9 978-0-19-413121-6 978-0-19-413122-3
iTools on Disc 978-0-19-413106-3 978-0-19-413111-7 978-0-19-413116-2