Real world, real English, real progress.

A fresh new six-level course, offering a student-centred and integrated skills methodology to prepare students for the real world.

With Fusion, you can teach your students the language and skills they need for the real world today.

The integrated skills approach means language is introduced and skills are practiced through authentic, real world contexts. Each unit ensures students’ cultural awareness and 21st century skills are being developed alongside their English, meaning you can be sure your students will be equipped for life beyond the classroom.

Key Features

  • Asia-specific content relates closely to students’ world
  • A communicative approach to grammar and vocabulary learning
  • ‘Try it Out’ activity on every page gets students talking in every lesson
  • Bite-size and manageable texts build up language confidence
  • Structured and easy-to-follow units
  • Topics focus on global values and social responsibility rather than popular culture
  • The communicative activities encourage group and pair work
  • The wealth of extra material provides flexibility for different teaching contexts

Series Components

Fusion Starter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Student Book 978-0-19-401659-9 978-0-19-401627-8 978-0-19-401628-5 978-0-19-401629-2 978-0-19-401630-8 978-0-19-401667-4
Teacher's Pack 978-0-19-404621-3 978-0-19-404609-1 978-0-19-404612-1 978-0-19-404615-2 978-0-19-404618-3 978-0-19-404621-3
Teacher Resource Center 978-0-19-401662-9 978-0-19-401655-1 978-0-19-401656-8 978-0-19-401657-5 978-0-19-401658-2 978-0-19-401670-4
Workbook Pack 978-0-19-401663-6 978-0-19-401647-6 978-0-19-401648-3 978-0-19-401649-0 978-0-19-401650-6 978-0-19-401671-1