The conversation course that gets students talking – confidently!

Level: False Beginner to Intermediate

Key Features

  • Each lesson begins with pattern practice, and culminates in free speaking practice.
  • The grammar-based syllabus and thematically related vocabulary are recycled throughout to build confidence.
  • Vocabulary organized around related lexical areas helps language acquisition.
  • Listening and grammar presented in manageable chunks allows for plenty of speaking time – about 80% of the activities involve speaking.
  • Conversations combine the vocabulary and grammar point of the lesson, allowing students to use language in a natural context.
  • Check your English, a review page for each unit, lets students check their progress.

Series Components

Talk Time Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student's Book 978-0-19-439289-1 978-0-19-439291-4 978-0-19-439293-8
Teacher's Book 978-0-19-438204-5 978-0-19-438212-0 978-0-19-438220-5
Test Booklet with Audio CD 978-0-19-439290-7 978-0-19-439292-1 978-0-19-439294-5
Class Audio CDs 978-0-19-438203-5 978-0-19-438211-3 978-0-19-438219-9