Level(s): Pre A1

The 2nd edition of Show and Tell builds on its tried and tested methodology, developing 21st Century Skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, to prepare students for future success both inside and outside the classroom.

How do we make music?’, ‘Who makes you happy?’, ‘What can you find outside?’

Show and Tell uses an inquiry-based approach to learning that taps into young learners’ natural curiosity. Big Questions at the start of every unit encourage students to ask questions, find their own answers and play an active role in their own learning. The course is underpinned by four major 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity ensuring Show and Tell lays the foundations for success in the 21st Century.

Use with Oxford Discover 2nd edition to teach an inquiry-based course from Kindergarten through Primary.

Key Features

  • Unique methodology which combines a native-speaker approach of inquiry-based learning with a controlled grammar and skills syllabus.
  • Big Questions, linked to children’s real lives, form the basis of every unit and tap into learner’s curiosity.
  • NEW Hello Unit and It’s a Wrap sections in the Student Book ensure an easier transition through Kindergarten.
  • NEW Teaching Strategies for Show and Tell videos linked to the Teacher’s Guide give a pratical guide for different elements of the course.
  • NEW Classroom Presentation Tool: deliver heads-up lessons. Class audio, video and answer keys, as well as teaching notes, are available online or offline, and updated across all devices.
  • NEW Teacher’s Resource Center: access to a variety of Show and Tell classroom materials all in one place.
  • NEW Lingokids™ home learning app extends students’ contact with English beyond the classroom.
  • Enhanced and improved Numeracy Book aligned to preschool cirriculum and NEW Numeracy Book and Literacy Book for Level 1.

Series Components

Show and Tell 2nd Edition Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student Book with App 9780194054478 9780194054515 9780194054553
Activity Book 9780194054768 9780194054775 9780194054782
Literacy Book 9780194054799 9780194054805 9780194054812
Numeracy Book 9780194054829 9780194054836 9780194054843
Class Audio CDs 9780194054898 9780194054904 9780194054911
Class DVD 9780194054850 9780194054867 9780194054874
Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194054614 9780194054676 9780194054720
Teacher's Pack 9780194054591 9780194054652 9780194054706
Class Book Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194052436 9780194052443 9780194052467
Classroom Resource Pack (All Levels) 9780194054751