Helps students learn the vocabulary they need to use English to study other subjects (biology, history, mathematics, etc). Recommended for CLIL, bilingual, or vocational schools, and for students preparing for international exams (IELTS and TOEFL®).

Key Features

  • Updated with approximately 500 new words.
  • Collocations boxes show how to talk and write about topics (e.g. art, describing trends, the legal system, health).
  • Thesaurus boxes show how to expand vocabulary using synonyms (mention, refer to, cite, quote, allude to).
  • Oxford 3000™, the most important words that students need to know, marked with a .
  • All words from the Academic Word List are marked to help with academic writing.
  • 40 reference pages support academic writing and improve study skills.
  • Hundreds of diagrams and illustrations help to describe scientific and technical processes.

Series Components

Oxford Student’s Dictionary for learners using English to study other subjects, New Edition ISBN
Paperback with CD-ROM 978 0 19 433135 7
Paperback 978 0 19 433138 8
Special Price Edition (only available in certain countries) 978 0 19 433136 4