Language Level: A1 – B1

Oxford Skills World is a 6-level paired skills series in international English.

With friendly characters who get young learners fully involved in every topic, you can use the course by itself or alongside your main primary coursebook.

Oxford Skills World is the paired skills course that gives you complete flexibility – use it with any other primary course, or by itself.

The paired skills are Reading with Writing, and Listening with Speaking. Each pairing has 6 levels, and each level includes a Student Book / Workbook, a Classroom Presentation Tool, and a Teacher’s Pack with lesson support, curriculum design guidance, and professional development videos.

Key Features

  • Suitable to use alongside any primary course, with a flexible structure to suit your teaching needs.
  • Syllabus matches all flagship Oxford primary courses.
  • Task types prepare learners for exam success in Cambridge English: Young Learners and TOEFL Junior
  • Built-in goals, progress checks and strategies encourage learner autonomy and independence.
  • Course characters Molly and Olly help skills learning to become a skills adventure!
  • Teacher’s Pack provides support for every lesson.

Series Components

Oxford Skills World Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Reading with Writing Student Book/Workbook 9780194113465 9780194113489 9780194113502 9780194113526 9780194113540 9780194113564
Reading with Writing Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194115421 9780194115452 9780194115483 9780194115513 9780194115544 9780194115575
Reading with Writing Teacher's Pack (All Levels) 9780194113212
Listening with Speaking Student Book/Workbook 9780194113342 9780194113366 9780194113380 9780194113403 9780194113427 9780194113441
Listening with Speaking Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194115612 9780194115643 9780194115674 9780194115704 9780194115735 9780194115766
Listening with Speaking Teacher's Pack (All Levels) 9780194113236