LINGUISTICS FOR EVERYONE, 2E, International Edition will capture the interest of all students, regardless of major, and offer them a thorough, engaging introduction to the science of language. To achieve this goal, the authors devised a unique arrangement of chapters that distinguishes this book from conventional introductory linguistics textbooks. Without sacrificing rigor, the authors focus on larger themes rather than on technical details or formal analysis. The book opens with a strong introductory chapter addressing basics such as how to define language, prescriptive versus descriptive grammar, differences between the human language system and other animal communication systems, and so on. The second chapter, devoted to language, mind, and brain, addresses both psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic evidence for humans’ innate capacity for language. To address core linguistics areas in depth, there are two chapters each on phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Throughout the text, special features relate the study of linguistics to the language we use in the real

world and every chapter includes innovative and varied activities that review and practice the content and offer your students many opportunities to apply the knowledge in their own lives.

Key Features

  • The text has been thoroughly updated and revised. Some topics have been expanded or clarified and others have been streamlined based upon reviewers’ suggestions.
  • There are now more examples and exercises in different languages (e.g., Quiche, Icelandic) integrated throughout the text.
  • Alternate IPA symbols are now included in the text.
  • Several hallmark features such as “Did You Know?” “Language Alive!”, “Linguistics in the News” have been refreshed and replaced. These unique features increase student comprehension of the core text material.
  • Core areas– phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics–each have two chapters rather than one as in traditional texts, thus making the book more accessible and easier to teach.

Series Components

Linguistics for Everyone, 2e ISBN
ISE Student Text 9781111836603
Instructor's Manual / Answer Key 9781111836580