A sensible solution to learning grammar

A comprehensive, four-level American English grammar practice series that gives learners a true understanding of how grammar is used in authentic contexts.

What’s new for the Second Edition? A new focus on Critical Thinking to help students apply their grammatical knowledge, an extra section on Writing in every chapter, additional practice in the new Online Workbook and new Part Tests at the end of every section to check and review progress.

Key Features

  • Student Solutions: a focus on Critical Thinking builds learning awareness
  • Writing Solutions: a new Writing section in every chapter encourages students to see the relevance of grammar in their writing
  • Technology Solutions: Grammar Sense Online Practice provides additional practice in an easy-to-use online workbook
  • Assessment Solutions: new Part Tests and the Grammar Sense Test Generators allow ongoing assessment

Series Components

Grammar Sense Second Edition Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student Book with Online Practice Access Code Card 978-0-19-448910-2 978-0-19-448913-3 978-0-19-448916-4 978-0-19-448919-5
Student Book A with Online Practice Access Code Card 978-0-19-448911-9 978-0-19-448914-0 978-0-19-448917-1
Student Book B with Online Practice Access Code Card 978-0-19-448912-6 978-0-19-448915-7 978-0-19-448918-8
Audio CDs 978-0-19-448920-1 978-0-19-448921-8 978-0-19-448922-5 978-0-19-448923-2
Teacher's Book with Online Practice Access Code Card 978-0-19-448938-6 978-0-19-448939-3 978-0-19-448940-9 978-0-19-448941-6
Assessment CD-ROM for Level 1-3 978-0-19-449034-4
Assessment CD-ROM for Level 4 978-0-19-449030-6