Cambridge English Empower is a new general adult course that combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessment from Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is everything you expect from a course, and much more. Combining engaging classroom material, integrated reliable assessment, and personalised practice, learners are able to make consistent and measurable progress.

Key Features

  • The engaging classroom material includes intriguing images and texts designed to arouse curiosity and get students talking.
  • All tests have been developed by the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment, ensuring reliable results.
  • Students receive a CEFR report after mid- and end-of-course tests, clearly showing their achievement.
  • With personalised practice after every unit test, students get the practice they need in the areas they need it most.
  • Auto-marked tests, with follow-up activities automatically provided, plus an Online Workbook, mean less marking for the teacher and instant visibility of results and progress.
  • With a syllabus informed by the Cambridge English Corpus and English Vocabulary Profile and benchmarked to the CEFR, students encounter the most useful and relevant language at the right point in their learning.

Series Components

Cambridge English Empower Starter Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate Advanced
Student's Book with Online Assessment and Practice, and Online Workbook 978-1-107-46596-1 978-1-107-46630-2 978-1-107-46652-4 978-1-107-46688-3 978-1-107-46875-7 978-1-107-46909-9
Student's Book 978-1-107-46594-7 978-1-107-46626-5 978-1-107-46651-7 978-1-107-46684-5 978-1-107-46872-6 978-1-107-46908-2
Workbook with Answers plus Downloadable Audio 978-1-107-46614-2 978-1-107-46648-7 978-1-107-46680-7 978-1-107-46869-6 978-1-107-46904-4 978-1-107-46929-7
Workbook without Answers plus Downloadable Audio 978-1-107-48871-7 978-1-107-48874-8 978-1-107-48876-2 978-1-107-48877-9 978-1-107-48878-6 978-1-107-48884-7
Teacher's Book 978-1-107-46609-8 978-1-107-46644-9 978-1-107-46671-5 978-1-107-46857-3 978-1-107-46891-7 978-1-107-46920-4
Class Audio CDs (3) 978-1-107-46597-8 978-1-107-46631-9 978-1-107-46655-5 978-1-107-46694-4 978-1-107-46877-1 978-1-107-46912-9
Class DVD 978-1-107-46601-2 978-1-107-46636-4 978-1-107-46665-4 978-1-107-46699-9 978-1-107-46880-1 978-1-107-46914-3
Presentation Plus DVD-ROM 978-1-107-46608-1 978-1-107-46642-5 978-1-107-46668-5 978-1-107-46856-6 978-1-107-46888-7 978-1-107-46919-8