Motivating non-fiction graded readers for 6-year-olds and up. Crosscurricular topics and colour photos make learning English through other subjects exciting.

Key Features

Flexible design allows free reading or supported reading.
• Activities develop language and critical thinking skills.
• Projects in every book give students the chance to practise research and presentation skills.
• An Activity Book for each reader provides additional consolidation
Teacher’s Handbook (including teaching ideas).
• Audio in American and British English for each book.
This series is perfect for CLIL and covers three broad curriculum areas:
• The World of Science and Technology
• The Natural World
• The World of Arts and Social Studies

Series Components

Young Animals
Young Animals 978 0 19 464633 8
Young Animals Activity Book 978 0 19 464654 3
Young Animals Audio CD Pack 978 0 19 464643 7