Developing English Fluency

Now in a new edition, World Link helps adult learners communicate fluently and confidently in English. It develops language skills through use of dynamic vocabulary, essential grammar, engaging topics and fascinating images. Learners will experience the topics and language come alive through an expanded video program!

Key Features

  • Updated, engaging topics like social media, urban art, and international lifestyles provide a relevant and enjoyable springboard for natural communication.
  • A new Warm-Up Video for each unit from authentic sources like National Geographic and YouTube can be used to introduce the unit topic and provide examples of real language.
  • My World Link Online is a completely new online, personalized resource for learners and teachers that prepares learners for confident, active classroom participation and gives teachers one-stop access to classroom management options!
  • Perfect for independent learning, new animated grammar tutorials on My World Link Online reinforce the updated grammar presentation in the student books. For use in the classroom, teachers can access the tutorials on the Classroom Presentation Tool!

Series Components

WorldLink Intro Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student Book 9781305647749 9781305650787 9781305650992 9781305651203
Student Book with MyWorldLink Online 9781305647756 9781305650794 9781305651005 9781305651203
Workbook 9781305647848 9781305650879 9781305651098 9781305651302
Combo Split A with MyWorldLink Online Sticker Access Code 9781305647794 9781305650831 9781305651043 9781305651258
Combo Split B with MyWorldLink Online Sticker Access Code 9781305647800 9781305650848 9781305651050 9781305651265
Lesson Planner with Classroom Presentation Tool 9781305647831 9781305650862 9781305651081 9781305651296
Classroom Audio CD 9781305647855 9781305650886 9781305651104 9781305651319
Classroom DVD 9781305647923 9781305650947 9781305651166 9781305651371
Classroom Presentation Tool 9781305647961 9781305650978 9781305651197 9781305651401
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® 9781305647947 9781305650954 9781305651173 9781305651388