Uncover a whole new world!

Key Features

Uncover is a unique new program developed in partnership with Discovery Education™, featuring high-interest videos and real-world topics that will motivate students and spark their curiosity, making learning compelling, relevant and meaningful.

Better engagement means better learning

  • Uncover taps into students’ natural curiosity to create interest and accelerate learning.
  • High-interest videos throughout every unit spark curiosity and foster more meaningful learning experiences.

The right approach makes all the difference

  • A careful progression of personalized language building activities leads to greater speaking and writing fluency.
  • Extra CLIL lessons supported by Discovery Education™ video enable students to extend learning across content areas through engaging projects.

Every learner deserves success

  • A comprehensive course syllabus systematically recycles and builds upon students’ prior learning.
  • Flexible teaching support for mixed ability classes includes levelled tests and extra practice activities.

Power up your classroom

  • Access all your resources in one easy-to-use platform with Presentation Plus.
  • Extend and consolidate language and track students’ progress with the Online Workbook and extra Online Practice on the Cambridge Learning Management System.

Series Components

Uncover Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student’s Book with Online Workbook and Online Practice 978-1-107-49303-2 978-1-107-49323-0 978-1-107-49342-1 978-1-107-49357-5
Student’s Book 978-1-107-49302-5 978-1-107-49320-9 978-1-107-49340-7 978-1-107-49353-7
Workbook with Online Practice 978-1-107-49307-0 978-1-107-49328-5 978-1-107-49345-2 978-1-107-49364-3
Teacher's Book 978-1-107-49312-4 978-1-107-49331-5 978-1-107-49347-6 978-1-107-49367-4
Class Audio CDs (3) 978-1-107-49313-1 978-1-107-49333-9 978-1-107-49348-3 978-1-107-49386-5
Video DVD 978-1-107-49314-8 978-1-107-49335-3 978-1-107-49350-6 978-1-107-49391-9
Presentation Plus DVD-ROM 978-1-107-49319-3 978-1-107-49338-4 978-1-107-49352-0 978-1-107-49392-6