Language level: Elementary to Advanced

With 100% new content, the third edition of Oxford’s best-selling secondary course offers the tried and trusted Solutions methodology alongside fresh and diverse material that will spark your students’ interest and drive them to succeed.

Solutions by Oxford University Press is now available in a third edition. The best-selling course for teenagers provides new and exciting content that is delivered using the successful methodology of the previous editions.

This edition offers a brand new comprehensive listening syllabus as well as word skills lessons, allowing students to master key listening sub skills, expand their vocabulary, and become confident communicators.

Solutions turns all students into active learners, by offering a rich variety of learning opportunities for a whole range of abilities through extension and revision activities in all components – giving everyone a sense of achievement whatever their level.

Key Features

  • A broad range of lesson types focusing on key skills, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing, all with 100% new content
  • NEW listening and word skills lessons in each unit of the Student’s Book help to develop confident communicators
  • Exam skills trainer sections in the Student’s Book prepare students for typical school-leaving/Cambridge tasks, and provide them with the language, strategies, and exam skills they need to achieve success
  • Extra grammar support, with grammar builder pages in the Student’s Book providing additional practice exercises and grammar reference pages allowing learners to check grammar rules
  • Workbooks providing further lesson-by-lesson practice of the material taught in class, with additional listening practice
  • Student’s Book and Workbook available in e-book format, with interactive features designed to aid language learning
  • DVD-ROM material for every Culture lesson in the Student’s Book reinforces the grammar and vocabulary being taught and presents it in a different, student-appealing context
  • Classroom presentation tool shows Student’s Book and Workbook on screen, with embedded answer keys and audio, culture videos to support the Culture Bank lessons, and additional activities to consolidate students’ learning

Series Components

Solution 3rd Edition Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate Advanced
Student book 9780194561839 9780194510561 9780194504492 9780194506489 9780194520515
Student Book and Online Practice Pack 9780194561976 9780194510707 9780194504638 9780194506601 9780194520607
Online Workbook 9780194562089 9780194510790 9780194504720 9780194506694 9780194520669
Workbook 9780194561860 9780194510592 9780194504522 9780194506519 9780194520539
e-Book (Student Book) 9780194562041 9780194510776 9780194504706 9780194506670 9780194520645
e-Book (Workbook) 9780194562058 9780194510783 9780194504713 9780194506687 9780194520652
Teacher's Pack 9780194562010 9780194510745 9780194504676 9780194506649 9780194520614
Class Audio CDs 9780194561945 9780194510677 9780194504607 9780194502993 9780194520577
Student Book Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194208987 9780194209007 9780194209014 9780194209021 9780194209038
Workbook Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194208994 9780194209045 9780194209052 9780194209069 9780194209076
Course Test Pack 9780194532211 9780194532228 9780194532235 9780194532242 9780194532259