Smart Learning – on the page and on the move

Four-skills course for adult and young adult learners looking to improve their ability to communicate in English. Now with activities for smartphones to keep students learning on the move!

Key Features

  • Flexible one-page lessons make prep time easier and lead to a successful and focused class time.
  • Speaking pages at the end of every unit increase students’ enjoyment of communicating in English and strengthen fluency.
  • On The Move activities, optimized for smartphones and tablets, allow students to practice vocabulary and grammar wherever they are.
  • With the Media Center students can download or stream all course video and audio content – anytime, anywhere.
  • Online Practice offers additional practice for all Student Book units that you can assign and track – up to 30 hours per level. Email functionality and a Discussion Board mean that you can communicate with students outside of class.

Series Components

Smart Choice Third Edition Starter Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Multi-Pack A with Online Practice 978-0-19-460254-9 978-0-19-460267-9 978-0-19-460276-1 978-0-19-460285-3
Multi-Pack B with Online Practice 978-0-19-460255-6 978-0-19-460269-3 978-0-19-460278-5 978-0-19-460287-7
Student Book with Online Practice 978-0-19-460253-2 978-0-19-460264-8 978-0-19-460273-0 978-0-19-460282-2
Workbook with access to Digital Download Center 978-0-19-460251-8 978-0-19-460262-4 978-0-19-460271-6 978-0-19-460280-8
Teacher's Book with acess to LMS with Testing Program 978-0-19-460256-3 978-0-19-460265-5 978-0-19-460274-7 978-0-19-460283-9
iTools Classroom Presentation Software on USB (all levels) 978-0-19-460266-2