Reading for Today for a Better Academic Tomorrow!

Reading for Today is a five-level reading skills program that systematically develops students’ reading and vocabulary skills.

  • National Geographic content and images support comprehensive practice of language and academic readiness skills.
  • Reading Skills sections cover essential skills and strategies like skimming, scanning, fact-finding, and paraphrasing.
  • Critical Thinking sections challenge students to express their own ideas and opinions about a wide range of global themes and topics.

Series Components

Reading for Today 1: Themes, Fourth Edition 2: Insights, Fifth Edition 3: Issues, Fifth Edition 4: Concepts, Fourth Edition 5: Topics, Fifth Edition
Student Book with Audio CD 9781305898783 9781305898790 9781305898806 9781305898813 9781305898820
Student Book 9781305579958 9781305579972 9781305579989 9781305579996 9781305580008
Classroom Audio CD 9781305580084 9781305580091 9781305580107 9781305580114 9781305580121
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® 1-3 9781305652934
Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® 4-5 9781305580060