Level(s): A1

Children will love exploring the lively, magical world of Bridge Town with their new friends Poppy, Rowan and Fern. The changing seasons provide a backdrop to the adventures of a diverse cast of characters that capture children’s imagination and attention.

Key Features

  • Reinforce children’s grammar and vocabulary learning with plenty of pen-to-paper practice activities.
  • Develop students’ critical thinking and 21st century skills with ‘Think’ activities, real-world tasks and creative projects.
  • Help students to connect English with other school subjects through CLIL lessons supported by video.
  • Build children’s understanding of citizenship issues, such as care of the environment, tolerance and inclusion.
  • Provide a gentle introduction to sounds in English through ‘Sound Play’ activities.
  • Give every child the chance to build their knowledge, skills and confidence in English with flexible resources that include tests and activities designed for students with special educational needs.

Series Components

Rainbow Bridge Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Student Book with Workbook 9780194118415 9780194118422 9780194118439 9780194118446 9780194118453
Teacher's Guide 9780194118477 9780194118521 9780194118576 9780194118620 9780194118675
Teacher's Resource Pack 9780194118729 (Levels 1-3) 9780194113182 (Levels 4-5)
Classroom Presentation Tool 9780194118507 9780194118552 9780194118606 9780194118651 9780194118705