With its lively approach, the Objective series is suitable for students taking Cambridge English examinations, as well as those looking for an effective course to improve their general English. Short units emphasise progress, while examples from the Cambridge English Corpus ensure language learnt is authentic, up-to-date and level-appropriate. All courses provide solid language development, lively class discussion and thorough training in exams skills.

Key Features

  • Objective courses are informed by Cambridge’s unique searchable database of exam candidates’ answers, the Cambridge Learner Corpus, to help students overcome common areas of diffi culty
  • Exam preparation is covered in separate ‘folders’ making these courses suitable for use with classes where some students are not taking the exam
  • Each course includes at least one full practice test to familiarise candidates with the format and style of the exam*
  • Cutting-edge English Profi le research provides the most targeted and effi cient vocabulary syllabus available (Key, First and Proficiency)
  • Supplementary booklets with two practice tests for the ‘for Schools’ tests make the courses suitable preparation for both versions of the Key, Preliminary and First exams
  • Interactive activities and games on CD-ROM or by download give students plenty of opportunity to practise target language

Series Components

Objective Proficiency (Second Edition) ISBN
Student’s Book without answers with Downloadable Software 978-1-107-61116-0
Student’s Book with answers with Downloadable Software 978-1-107-64637-7
Teacher’s Book 978-1-107-67056-3
Class Audio CDs (2) 978-1-107-67634-3
Workbook without answers with Audio CD 978-1-107-62156-5
Workbook with answers with Audio CD 978-1-107-61920-3
Student’s Book Pack (Student’s Book with answers with Downloadable Software and Class Audio CDs (2)) 978-1-107-63368-1