Linking life and work

Level: Beginner to Upper-Intermediate (A1 – B2)

This completely revised International Express, with 100% new material, meets all the practical language needs of adult professional learners. The series retains the popular student-centred approach and strong communicative focus, while adding a range of new features.

Key Features

  • Ideal blend of business and general English, with a strong communicative focus
  • 100% new syllabus with global lifestyle topics, specifically designed to get adult professional learners talking
  • Stunning new video accompanies every unit
  • Student’s Book and Workbook are combined, meaning students need just one book for classroom use and self-study

Series Components


International Express 3rd Edition Beginner Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate
Student's Book Pack 978-0-19-457669-7 978-0-19-459774-6 978-0-19-459785-2 978-0-19-459786-9 978-0-19-459787-6
Teacher's Resource Pack 978-0-19-459725-8 978-0-19-459770-8 978-0-19-459771-5 978-0-19-459772-2 978-0-19-459773-9
Class Audio CD 978-0-19-457666-6 978-0-19-459750-0 978-0-19-459751-7 978-0-19-459752-4 978-0-19-459753-1