The Inside Series is a five-level academic skills series that helps students in higher education to succeed in their studies and beyond.

Level: Beginner to Advanced (A1 – C1)

The Inside Series prepares students to communicate effectively in academic contexts, while acquiring key academic vocabulary from the Academic Word List.

Each unit features texts and tasks from academic content areas, explicit skills instruction relevant to academic study, and targeted words from the Academic Word List.

Key Features

  • Explicit skills instruction for listening, speaking, reading and writing provides the foundation for academic achievement
  • High-interest texts from academic content areas, such as sociology, nutrition, architecture, and business, motivate students
  • Systematic acquisition of the entire Academic Word List through targeted receptive and productive activities creates independent word learners
  • Examples from the Oxford English Corpus teach real-life English
  • iTools Digital Resources for teachers focus the class on key teaching points

Series Components

Inside Listening and Speaking Intro Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student's Book 978-0-19-471904-9 978-0-19-471913-1 978-0-19-471923-0 978-0-19-471933-9 978-0-19-471943-8
iTools (all levels) 978-0-19-460114-6