Get Writing: Paragraphs and Essays helps developmental students learn to think and plan before they write and evaluate their own and others’ writing through features called Critical Thinking: What Are You Trying to Say? and Revision: What Have You

Written? The text helps those who are struggling with writing requirements, including recent high school graduates, returning students, or those for whom English is a second language. Integrated exercises enable them to practice what they have just learned, and student papers in annotated first and revised drafts provide realistic models. Sample professional writing demonstrates how writers understand the context of their writing, utilize writing strategies, and make language choices. Writing prompts and collaborative writing projects teach students how to write personal, academic, or workrelated papers, and how to evaluate their own and others’ writing.

Key Features

  • New “Ten Minute Writing” practice prompts students to practice writing with a time limit.
  • New photographs provide contemporary images to be used as thinking and writing prompts, such as a photograph of a protester in Egypt carrying a Facebook sign.
  • Material has been added to The College Writing Context, including the need to think critically and evaluate sources in Chapter 1, Why Write?
  • “Avoiding Plagiarism” is now addressed in Chapter 1, as well as in later chapters, to ensure that students understand how to obtain, incorporate, and document sources.
  • Sample student papers are annotated to show how to incorporate and appropriately acknowledge sources using MLA style.

Series Components

Get Writing Paragraph and Essay (Third Edition) ISBN
US Student Text 9781111827212