Language Level: Beginner to Elementary

CEFR: A1 – A2 | 3 Levels (60 teaching hours per level, extendable to 80)

Classroom, online, and mobile technology provide the perfect blend to keep learners engaged. This fourth edition provides bright, full-color, and interactive preparation for Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers, and A2 Flyers. Fun activities balanced with exam-style questions practice all the areas of the syllabus.

Key Features

  • Home Fun Booklet enables students to continue their learning at home and allows parents to support learning.
  • Provides opportunities to practice speaking which develops young learner’s confidence in an area they find difficult.
  • Teacher’s Book contains photocopiable resources, a full practice test, integrated extension projects, and clear guidance on which areas of the test syllabus are covered.
  • Presentation Plus provides complete course content, including audio annotation tools, links to online resources, and the ability to save your customized lessons to any computer anywhere.
  • Flexible to use alongside a general English course and where not all students are taking exams.

Series Components

Fun for Starters, Movers and Flyers 4th Edition Starters Movers Flyers
Student's Book with Home Fun Booklet and online activities 9781316617465 9781316617533 9781316617588
Student's Book with audio with online activities 9781316631911 9781316631959 9781316632000
Teacher's Book with downloadable audio 9781316617496 9781316617557 9781316617601
Audio CD 9781316617519 9781316617564 9781316617618
Presentation Plus Software 9781108728164 9781108728157 9781108728140