Academic writing is difficult, and Final Draft gives students all the tools they need. Writing skills and in-depth analysis of models set the stage for development. Corpus-based vocabulary, collocations, and phrases, as well as detailed information on the grammar of writing, prepare your learners for college writing courses. Students learn to avoid plagiarism in every chapter of every level. This dedicated, long-term focus on plagiarism avoidance helps ensure that these students are able to use sources and highlight their own thoughts.

  • A variety of models including real-world and student models help students make connections between their writing class and their future studies.
  • Research from the Cambridge English Corpus ensures that students learn the most accurate, relevant grammar, vocabulary collocations and phrases. Students also learn to avoid common grammatical mistakes.
  • Only Final Draft teaches plagiarism avoidance at every level and in every unit. This allows more time for teachers to spend focusing on student’s writing rather than plagiarism offenses.
  • Students improve discrete writing skills through online instruction and automatically graded exercises.

Series Components

Final Draft Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student’s Book 978-1-107-49537-1 978-1-107-49541-8 978-1-107-49550-0 978-1-107-49558-6
Teacher's Manual 978-1-107-49538-8 978-1-107-49542-5 978-1-107-49554-8 978-1-107-49559-3