Language Level: A1 – C1

A six-level English course that gets students speaking with confidence.

This student-centered course draws on insights from language teaching experts and real students and focuses on the most effective and efficient ways to make progress in English.

Key Features

  • Dedicated speaking lessons based on immersive tasks. Every unit has a “Time to speak” lesson dedicated to developing speaking skills and building students’ confidence in taking risks with language.
  • Peer models and content from real students. Real students feature throughout the Student Books and are featured responding to discussion questions in mobile-friendly videos that provide achievable role models.
  • Bite-sized learning and mobile phone activities. “Find it” smartphone activities bring live content into the class, and “Practice Extra” enables busy students to do their homework on smartphones, tablets, or computers outside of class.
  • Corpus-informed content to help learners avoid common mistakes. “Accuracy check” highlights common learner errors, whilst “Register check” highlights potential problem areas such as differences between written and spoken English.
  • A focus on real-world communication. “Insider English” highlights the informal language and colloquial expressions frequently used in everyday situations, and pronunciation activities address aspects of pronunciation that most affect communication.
  • Integrated teacher development in the Teacher’s Edition. A Teacher Development Program integrated into the teaching notes, acknowledging that teachers are keen to develop and try new ideas but need to fit this into busy lives and teaching schedules.

Series Components

Evolve Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Student's Book with Practice Extra 9781108405225 9781108405263 9781108405287 9781108405324 9781108405348 9781108405379
Student's Book 9781108405218 9781108405249 9781108405270 9781108405317 9781108405331 9781108405355
Workbook with Audio 9781108408943 9781108408981 9781108409001 9781108409018 9781108409070 9781108409094
Full Contact 9781108412001 9781108414463 9781108414470 9781108414494 9781108414500 9781108414517
Class Audio CDs 9781108412018 9781108412025 9781108412032 9781108412049 9781108412056 9781108412063
Teacher's Edition with Test Generator 9781108405126 9781108405164 9781108405171 9781108405188 9781108405195 9781108405201
Video Resource Book and DVD 9781108407915 9781108407885 9781108407939 9781108407953 9781108408004 9781108408028
Presentation Plus 9781108410601 9781108410632 9781108410663 9781108410694 9781108410724 9781108410755