A new general English course with a strong focus on student motivation and communicative speaking outcomes. Package includes DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources.

Level: Elementary to Upper-Intermediate (A1 – B2)

English Result offers a fresh approach to learning. The two-page lesson format maximizes student motivation through enjoyment and success.

Enjoyment comes from the visual whole-page texts in every lesson.

Success comes from putting real-world language into practice – in every lesson.

With class DVDs, teacher’s DVDs and interactive whiteboard resources available, you get total multimedia support for the classroom.

Key Features

  • Clear focus on motivation
  • Two-page lesson format – input material on the left, activities on the right
  • Practical ‘How to’ lessons with ‘I can’ goals
  • DVDs for students and teachers
  • Resources for interactive whiteboards – English Result iTools
  • Teacher Resource Packs include DVDs and photocopiable activities for every unit
  • New Student’s Book and DVD Packs include a DVD of culture-rich material

Series Components

English Result Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper-Intermediate
Student's Book with DVD Pack 978-0-19-412954-1 978-0-19-412955-8 978-0-19-412956-5 978-0-19-412957-2
Workbook with Answer Booklet and MultiROM Pack 978-0-19-430498-6 978-0-19-430499-3 978-0-19-430500-6 978-0-19-430501-3
Workbook with MultiROM Pack 978-0-19-430494-8 978-0-19-430495-5 978-0-19-430496-2 978-0-19-430497-9
Teacher's Resource Pack with DVDs and Photocopiable Resource Book 978-0-19-430659-1 978-0-19-430660-7 978-0-19-430661-4 978-0-19-430662-1
Class Audio CDs 978-0-19-430510-5 978-0-19-430511-2 978-0-19-430512-9 978-0-19-430513-6
iTools Pack 978-0-19-430021-6 978-0-19-430024-7 978-0-19-430041-4 978-0-19-430044-5