This lively American English course is specially designed to motivate young teenagers through high interest topics and stimulating activities.

Key Features

Teachers will fi nd step-by-step instructions in the interleaved Teacher’s Edition, along with linguistic, methodological and cultural notes. The Teacher Support Site hosts a mine of extra materials: photocopiable grammar and reading activities for each unit, Evaluation Tests, Oral Quizzes and Placement Tests.

Series Components

Connect Second Edition Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Student’s Book with Self-study Audio CD 978-0-521-73694-7 978-0-521-73703-6 978-0-521-73712-8 978-0-521-73721-0
Workbook 978-0-521-73698-5 978-0-521-73707-4 978-0-521-73716-6 978-0-521-73725-8
Teacher’s Edition 978-0-521-73700-5 978-0-521-73709-8 978-0-521-73718-0 978-0-521-73727-2
Class Audio CDs 978-0-521-73697-8 978-0-521-73706-7 978-0-521-73715-9 978-0-521-73724-1