The Complete series provides comprehensive preparation for Cambridge English examinations. Language work is integrated with exam preparation and presented in stimulating, topic-based units. Realistic practice tests and exercises informed by real exam candidates’ answers from the Cambridge Learner Corpus ensure that these courses provide reassuringly authoritative exam preparation.

Key Features

  • Fully prepares students for the exams with information, advice and practice
  • Particularly suitable for classes seriously focused on exam preparation
  • Interactive CD-ROM accompanying the Student’s Book allows students to practise language and skills at their own pace
  • A ‘for Schools’ practice test is included with Complete PET
  • Fantastic teacher resources and support in the Teacher’s Book and online

Series Components

Complete IELTS (INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED) Bands 4-5 B1 Bands 5-6.5 B2 Bands 6.5-7.5 C1
Student’s Book with answers with CD-ROM 978-0-521-17956-0 978-0-521-17948-5 978-1-107-65760-1
Student’s Book without answers with CD-ROM 978-0-521-17957-7 978-0-521-17949-2 978-1-107-62508-2
Teacher’s Book 978-0-521-18515-8 978-0-521-18516-5 978-1-107-60964-8
Class Audio CDs (2) 978-0-521-17958-4 978-0-521-17950-8 978-1-107-64281-2
Workbook with answers with Audio CD 978-1-107-60245-8 978-1-107-40197-6 978-1-107-66444-9
Workbook without answers with Audio CD 978-1-107-60244-1 978-1-107-40196-9 978-1-107-63438-1
Student’s Pack (Student’s Book with answers with CD-ROM and Class Audio CDs (2)) 978-0-521-17960-7 978-0-521-17953-9 978-1-107-68863-6