Helping students to build their communicative skills in English, this two level series focuses on the functional language students will need to communicate in everyday situations and prepares them to use English effectively in their studies, social life and  working life.

Key Features

  • topic-based units focusing on everyday situations which develop students’ listening and speaking skills and end in a communicative ‘Final task’
  • video materials provide rich cultural input and help bring the language to life
  • ‘Prepare to’ sections prepare students to do projects, give their opinions, take part in a debate and describe photos the Teacher’s DVD-Rom includes videos, teacher’s notes, tests and extra  photocopiable worksheets

Series Components

Communicate Level 1 Level 2
Coursebook Pack* 978 0230 44018 0 978 0230 44034 0
Coursebook 978 0230 44017 3 978 0230 44035 7

*Coursebook Pack contains Coursebook, Audio CD and DVD