Cambridge Primary Science is a beautifully illustrated and complete course for Cambridge Primary Science that teaches key scientific concepts through active learning. The series aims to make every child think and act like a scientist. It is written specifically for the Cambridge Primary Science curriculum framework and is fully endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

Cambridge Primary Science encourages learners to ‘learn through doing’. It is packed with opportunities to explore and investigate scientific concepts through practical experiments, observation and discussion, which help develop scientific inquiry skills. This engaging series offers plenty of flexible teaching ideas, allowing teachers to select activities most appropriate to their classroom and learners.

The language level is carefully pitched to be accessible to EAL/ ESL learners, with concepts illustrated through diagrams to aid
understanding and learning. There is dedicated support for practicing scientific language and vocabulary. Comprehensive teaching support helps teachers to bring all elements of the course together in the classroom.

Series Components

Cambridge Primary Mathematics Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
LEARNER’S BOOK 978-1-107-61138-2 978-1-107-61139-9 978-1-107-61141-2 978-1-107-67450-9 978-1-107-66304-6 978-1-107-69980-9
ACTIVITY BOOK 978-1-107-61142-9 978-1-107-61143-6 978-1-107-61145-0 978-1-107-65665-9 978-1-107-65897-4 978-1-107-64375-8
TEACHER’S RESOURCE BOOK WITH CD-ROM 978-1-107-61146-7 978-1-107-61148-1 978-1-107-61150-4 978-1-107-66151-6 978-1-107-67673-2 978-1-107-66202-5
SKILLS BUILDER 978-1-316-61098-5 978-1-316-61101-2 978-1-316-61102-9 978-1-316-61104-3 978-1-316-61106-7 978-1-316-61109-8
CHALLENGE 978-1-316-61113-5 978-1-316-61114-2 978-1-316-61117-3 978-1-316-61119-7 978-1-316-61120-3 978-1-316-61121-0