This popular short courses series is designed for learners who need to use English in a professional environment such as science, engineering, marketing, human resources and job-hunting, nursing and the media. Written by professionals for professionals, each book combines the best in ELT methodology with real professional practice to help develop the specialist language and communication skills needed by professionals in their daily work.

Key Features

  • Glossary of specialist terms in each Student’s Book.
  • Free online Teacher’s Books with background information on specialist subject and extra activities.
  • Free additional case studies online.
  • Cambridge English for Engineering is now available as an ebook.

Series Components

Cambridge English for… Student’s Book with Audio CDs (2)
Cambridge English for Engineering 978-0-521-71518-8
Cambridge English for Human Resources 978-0-521-18469-4
Cambridge English for Job-hunting 978-0-521-72215-5
Cambridge English for the Media 978-0-521-72457-9
Cambridge English for Marketing 978-0-521-12460-7
Cambridge English for Nursing (Pre-Intermediate) 978-0-521-14133-8
Cambridge English for Nursing (Intermediate+) 978-0-521-71540-9
Cambridge English for Scientists 978-0-521-15409-3