Open doors to business

Business Plus is a three-level, integrated-skills, business English course, from A1+ (false beginner) to B1- (lower-intermediate) levels. It has been specifically developed for Asians needing English to do business both in Asia and beyond, and uses names, places and products familiar to students in Asia.

Aimed at pre-work experience, university or vocational college students, Business Plus is designed to meet the growing demand for workplace English in the region. It places particular emphasis on communication in order to build students’ confidence in using English, and measures their progress through the regular use of Can Do statements. Topics and scenarios relevant
to Asian learners have been carefully selected to appeal to students about to enter the workforce. These include topics based on current trends in technology, such as online shopping, as well as those with regional relevance, such as the impact of Chinese tourism in Thailand.

The Teacher’s Manual contains a general introduction, full unit-by-unit summaries, language notes and tips, and a complete answer key. In addition, the website includes downloadable audio and supplementary worksheets to extend learning.

Key Features of the Student's Book

  • 10 units for each level
  • Each unit features integrated skills and language practice
  • Units include cultural awareness sections that connect learners to their region and beyond
  • TOEIC®-style practice sections allow students to review their progress
  • Key features of the Teacher’s Manual
  • Contains full unit-by-unit summaries, language notes and tips, and a complete answer key
  • Downloadable audio and supplementary worksheets available on website

Series Components

Business Plus Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Student's Book 978-1-107-64068-9 978-1-107-63764-1 978-1-107-66187-5
Teacher's Manual 978-1-107-66880-5 978-1-107-63872-3 978-1-107-66886-7