A flexible, modular course with up to 100 teaching hours of material
Tired with teaching from the same old business English materials?
Looking for authentic and interesting topics and content that will inspire your learners?
Then Business Advantage is the course for you.

Reflecting the diverse reality of today’s business, Business Advantage brings the outside world into the classroom and presents learners with insights into organisations from all over the globe, from a multitude of different industry sectors, and of all sizes.

Key Features

  • The course is based on a unique syllabus that combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills – all presented using authentic, expert input
  • Business Advantage is the fi rst business course to benefi t from a spoken business English corpus, guaranteeing relevant, up-to-date language
  • Business Writing sections help learners write effective business communications

Series Components

Business Advantages Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced
Student’s Book with DVD 978-0-521-13220-6 978-0-521-13217-6 978-0-521-18184-6
Personal Study Book with Audio CD 978-1-107-69264-0 978-0-521-28130-0 978-1-107-63783-2
Teacher’s Book 978-1-107-63770-2 978-1-107-42231-5 978-0-521-17932-4
Class Audio CDs 978-0-521-13221-3 978-0-521-13218-3 978-1-107-66634-4
Classware DVD-ROM 978-1-107-60779-8 978-1-107-60778-1 978-0-521-17929-4