The Academic Encounters Second edition series uses a sustained content approach to teach skills necessary for taking academic courses in English. There are two books for each content area.

Academic Encounters Second Edition is an academic preparation series that uses a sustained content approach. There are two books in the series for each content focus: an Academic Encounters title that teaches reading, study skills, and writing; and an Academic Listening Encounters title that concentrates on developing students’ listening, note-taking, and discussion skills. The two books may be used independently, or they may be used together to form a complete integrated-skills course.

Series Components

Academic Encounters 2nd Edition Natural World Level 1 American Studies Level 2 Life in Society Level 3 Human Behavior Level 4
Student's Book – Reading and Writing and Writing Skills Interactive Pack CD-ROM 978-1-107-45757-7 978-1-107-45758-4 978-1-107-45760-7 978-1-107-45761-4
Student’s Book - Listening and Speaking with Integrated Digital Learning 978-1-316-99565-5 978-1-108-63872-2 978-1-108-60621-9 978-1-108-34829-4
Teacher's Manual – Reading and Writing 978-1-107-69450-7 978-1-107-62722-2 978-1-107-63137-3 978-1-107-60300-4
Teacher's Manual – Listening and Speaking 978-1-107-64492-2 978-1-107-68883-4 978-1-107-62547-1 978-1-107-60301-1