Viewpoint is an innovative, two-level series for adult and young adult students at high intermediate and advanced levels. Written by the same author team that produced the groundbreaking Touchstone series, Viewpoint is informed by extensive research into the Cambridge English Corpus. Extensive corpus research ensures that relevant language items are presented and practised in natural contexts.

Viewpoint is for all students who need to progress beyond the intermediate level and want to speak and write English  appropriately, effectively, accurately, and naturally. It is particularly suitable for students studying English for professional or academic purposes.

Series Components

Viewpoint Level 1 Level 2
Student’s Book 978-0-521-13186-5 978-0-521-13189-6
Workbook 978-1-107-60277-9 978-1-107-60631-9
Teacher’s Edition 978-1-107-60153-6 978-1-107-60156-7
Class Audio CDs (4) 978-1-107-63988-1 978-1-107-66132-5
Presentation Plus Classroom Presentation Software 978-1-107-62978-3 978-1-107-67577-3
Online Workbook 978-1-139-79638-5
Online Workbook A 978-1-139-86908-9
Online Workbook B 978-1-139-86400-8
Student’s Book with Online Workbook 978-1-107-61745-2
Student’s Book A with Online Workbook A 978-1-107-65438-9
Student’s Book B with Online Workbook B 978-1-107-64785-5